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Intense coaching from the past 2 years has definitely made me gain more knowledge in most of the civil service topics. I can now write and speak on any given topic since I would know something about it. This increase in confidence is definitely through IASMASTER PLAN


My father enrolled me in their initial program and that has been the best educational decision for me. The integration of good everyday habits like reading the newspaper, and making an analysis on any current social issue has been really beneficial for me. It’s not just a bare minimum IAS foundation course offered by other institutes. The program is long-term and the longer you be in the batch, the better you will become. I would recommend this to anyone 100%. You will not get this much great class and that too for 680 rupees


The value we get from the long-term IAS MASTERPLAN batch is unmatched. It made me read the newspaper every day and I am very confident in my ability to speak on any current social issue or in scoring well in any exam. This confidence in me is gained from their training. The special tips and tricks classes offered by them will also help in entrance exams also


My scores on their tests improved significantly. The concise and to-the-point teaching and notes make them exceptional. the additional special classes are very useful for entrance exams too. This was the course I was looking for and I also made my younger sister to join too.


I always scored very less in the most important subject of civil service, social science. After 1 year of joining, social science has become a cakewalk for me. I now regularly read the newspaper and keep a separate notebook for it. The classes and notes are really good and I want to genuinely appreciate them for keeping the prices so much lower than others so that a middle-class student like me could join too without any problem.


The best decision I have ever made was to join IAS MASTER PLAN. I can easily resonate with the teaching and the exceptional care they give in producing high quality classes is exceptional